Who is the Sales Gypsy and Why Should I Care?

I own a copier dealership in Denver, Colorado. We have a small team of about 8 people. Some live here in the USA, others don’t. We look at our job as an extension of how we want to live. Our operations guy lives in a remote town in Colorado, our sales guy lives in a resort Idaho town…

I am a Sales Gypsy.

I am in the black shirt with glasses 😉

What this means is there is no place I find to be “home.” I believe I am a citizen of the world. I don’t like to look at life bound by limits and am always looking for a way to improve my situation. There is a passion for growth. This passion is what I bring to the other projects and ideas I work on.

  • Why can’t it be easy to make copier quotes?
  • There must be a better way to find clients…
  • Do I need to get support locally?
  • Do I have to have a technician to run a copier company?
  • How can clients get support without waiting forever?

These are the kinds of things I work to solve. If your dealership is taking tons of time making quotes or spending a ton of money to get ranked on Google, we can help. These are the problems we have worked on solving for ourselves for years.

My belief is this, when a person fully applies themselves, they can do some really cool and interesting things. I desire to meet more of the channel because I know there are a lot of brilliant business owners I will meet, learn from, and grow because.

I believe in myself and my team that we can not just be takers, but givers too. We believe in a world where the exchange or your money for our time is one that blesses and helps us both.

We want to work with copier and IT dealers all over the country. We know we can help the dealers be more efficient in many parts of their sales process. We are not going to be able to tell you how to run a service department efficiently, but we can show you how there are systems and tools you can put into place today which will help your sales team.

We are on your team. You have dealt with manufacturers for years. We have as well. We want our voice to be one of “how can I help?” and we push to help our clients be better so we can all grow together.

Thank you for visiting and checking our the site. Thank you for giving us a chance to work with you and I personally welcome anyone within the dealer channel to reach out if there is something you believe I can help you with.

Jesse Harwell

President – Sanity Systems – Pahoda Image Products

a.k.a. the “Sales Gypsy”

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