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How A Wild Ride Made a Wild Idea

I grew up in Coeur d’Alene (sometimes) and this beautiful spot in North Idaho with all of its weirdness with nationalist groups was an interesting place to grow up. I grew up and there was 1 black kid in our class at Sorenson elementary school. I remember asking him if I could use his arm while coloring because I didn’t have a black crayon.

During a trip to Colombia

We went from there to Modesto, California. It would be hard to choose cities that were naturally so different. Coeur d’Alene caters to tourists, Modesto is more about agriculture. While in Modesto I was one of 3 white kids in my school I can remember, one other being my brother. So we would live in CDA, then Modesto… then back to CDA, back to Modesto. It created a sense of futility, the changes, but also was the first part of my life where I didn’t feel I had a specific home, per se.

Fast forward some, and I was now back in Coeur d’Alene, and I had attended 17 schools by the time I graduated High School. So I was accustomed to change. Then I went off to college and met some amazing men who taught me about the importance of responsibility, honor and keeping your word. They let me dine with their families, and I got a taste for what a loving community looked like.

So I began to have this great pull between part of me that wants to roam, change and wander and another part that looks at love and community and family… and I appreciate so much what I got from that.

Do I Travel or Do I Set Down Roots?

As odd as it sounds, this is difficult for me. I really love to travel, but I also love having a community. I love to be spontaneous, but I also need stability. So this was the closest I could come to what feels right to me. I can roam, while looking for those who I can build my life with.

Are you stuck in the same city, year after year pushing and plodding? I get that, it was the first 3 or 4 years of doing Pahoda for me. Yet, by about 2013, I was starting to get enough freedom to really start seeing the world. I have now been to about 40 countries, and I flip between working 60 hour weeks to wanting to travel to new and exciting places.

With coronavirus, I feel more stuck in the USA. With all the travels I have done, why not travel in the USA? I bought a van I call Vince, and we are getting ready to go around the country to visit dealers and to help people with their websites and quote tools.

I feel there is a way to be remote as well as connected. I love visiting people. If you would like a visit from the Sales Gypsy, I will bring the fizzy water! Life is good and we can see the world while working hard.


My dream and ambition is to see the world and build relationships with people I can call my friends because the work we do for them helps their lives and the can feel the value we bring to their organization.

The Sales Gyspys Wanderings


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